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2023 Finalists

Finalists  Monologues/Soliloquys

"The Morning After I Killed Myself"
Director, Michael Anthony Barosky

A young woman regrets the decision to take her own life. Based on the poem by Meggie Royer.

The Morning After _new flyer.jpeg

A video poem about endurance and invisible blows

Legacy_Natasha Boskic_1.jpg
Legacy_Natasha Boskic_2.jpg

Director, Natasha Boskic

Finalist  Long Version

"The Silken City"
Director, Thomas Pickarski

An essay narration paired with old B&W found film footage, the story is set in an imagined future when the Gulf Stream having reversed directions fuels an atmospheric phenomenon known as Spider Rain.

SilkenCity_Thomas Pickarski_2.jpg
SilkenCity_Thomas Pickarski_1.jpg
Finalist  - Spoken Word/Poetry

"Learn to Swim Pt. 2"
Director, Carlos Zaya

Learn to swim.png

A poem about learning to swim, and other bits and bobs that could help along the way. 

Joshua Idehen - Learn To Swim Poem

learn to swim2.png

"Things you have forgotten to take with you "
Director, Elena Baucke

ThingsYouHaveForgotten_Elena Baucke_1.jpg

A woman alone in her house finds her ex's shirt. Its scent brings back painful memories as she gets carried away by the tangible thought of an impossible reunion.

ThingsYouHaveForgotten_Elena Baucke_2.jpg

"Laid to Rest"
Director,  Isabelle Pandora Byrne

LaidToRest_Isabelle Pandora Byrne_1.jpg

A short poetry film about identity after mental illness

LaidToRest_Isabelle Pandora Byrne_2.jpg
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