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Official Online Screening Selections
Sunday, December 18th Lineup


SCREENING 1 - 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (PST)

Pathless, Charlotte Verminck, Director: A poetic translation of the universal feeling at one’s unknown next step in life. It connects to the overwhelming periods of doubtful thoughts yet resilient ambition one may encounter. A visual and aural combination of fear yet fearlessness. Though the soliloquy echoes one’s inner difficulty, the road of life gives aspiration for more, and that road is pathless. SW/P: Runtime 4:31


Sentences, Cia Rinne, Director: Sentences is based on sentences from the book with the same title by Cia Rinne. In sentences, it is the sentence as a linguistic unit itself that reflects its purpose and position.

this sentence is looking for the ideal reader
this sentence is a lifetime sentence
this sentence wishes it were written by somebody else.

M/S: Runtime 2:09


Mrs Maya, Christos N. Karakasis, Director: Theatrical Theme on Racism (monologue). Open-minded” Maya, English language Teacher.  M/P: Runtime 2:22


Inferno, Niall Austin, Director: Combining a live-action theatre performance, with assorted animation styles, 'Inferno21' is a re-imagining of Dante Alighieri’s early 14th-century masterpiece 'The Divine Comedy,' transposed to the internet age. Hell is presented as the Digital Landscape, where social media and data collection provides a canvas for exploring contemporary human behaviors and transgressions. LVM: Runtime 19:41

650, Elaheh Jazemi, Director: LVM: Runtime: 10:18

Rosary, Reem Sameer Al-Bayyat, Director: Repetitions, is a dark place that we must process and manifest. A place we must break through. “Rosary” is a short experimental film starring Rana Alamuddin. M/S: Runtime: 8:54

The Bald & The Bearded, John Kerner, Director: This monologue calls out the men who wear an overgrown beards. 

M/S: Runtime 2:34


Singing Ears in Spring, Hanqing Zhao, Director: The short film is adapted from four poems by poet Zhao Hanqing, in which he attempts to show the spiritual suffering of people living in modern cities. People are punished into tools in collaborative relationships of high efficiency. The pioneer of the Age of Enlightenment hoped to construct a completely rational world, later people lost their humanity in the process of pursuing rationality. Cheap pleasure, drag them into the darkness. SW/P: Runtime 6:47

Legacy, Natasha Boskic, Director: A video poem about endurance and invisible blows. SW/P: Runtime 3:19


Dysthymia, Eva-Marie Kung, Tim Willrich, Directors: The Speaker presents her case in court before an invisible judge and jury in an attempt to describe her mental health history, but it isn't always certain which part of her psyche (the sufferer or the cause) is, in fact, fighting to be understood. SW/P: Runtime 7:10


Darkness, Ayotoluwafunmi Monehin, Director: A man struggles between light and darkness. M/S: Runtime 3:07


We keep stones here too, Eugenio Lima, Director: In this short film, the actress and poet Luiza Romão recount the history of the Trojan War from a feminist and decolonial perspective, thinking about the violence that founded the West. The film is directed by Eugenio Lima and explores the spoken word language. LVM: Runtime 10:41


Ruined World: An Al Elegy, Zoran Poposki, Director: Artificial Intelligence creates a visual poem about a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization has been erased by environmental collapse.a short experimental film generated by artificial intelligence (AI) in collaboration with award-winning contemporary artist and director Zoran Poposki, FRSA. This is the first ever short film where all the elements (visuals, text, and music) have been created utilizing artificial intelligence.  M/S: Runtime 9:09

Dolphins in the Shower, Chandel White: January 26, 2052 - S.P.E.C.T.R.A. has concluded its decade-long brain-chipping trials. The specific technique proved with great success, the ability to delete past trauma from the human mind. According to the titan of tech, an improved human will be delivered to the world by the year 2067. Of the thousands chipped in this testing, only one human male was documented as having measurable recall and retention. An inside watchdog, whose identity remains anonymous, has obtained a copy of an end-of-trial interview with Subject C-76. WARNING: What you're about to hear may shock you. SW/P: Runtime 5:20


Interlands, Alia Brandt, Director: A young woman looks into herself through memory, and poetry, in order to heal and achieve a new state of growth in the face of heartbreak stemming from love and, more generally, life. SW/P: Runtime 6:00

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SCREENING 2 - 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM (PST)


Moha, Bastien Bouillon, Director: Moha and Lucie had a great love. Today, they are separated. Moha doesn't know how to survive this breakup. Sometimes he follows Lucie, who met Martin.. LVM: Runtime 21:45

Young x Gifted & Black (Animated Poem), Jason Fleurant, Director: Jason "JaFLEU" Fleurant is a Haitian American self-taught cartoonist. Raised in West Palm Beach, Fl he discovered his creative voice as a response to the earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 and since has gone on to create with a mission. SW/P: Runtime: 3:37


A Final Elegant Gesture, Thomas Pickarski, Director: An essay narration paired with old B&W found film footage, the narrator describes the horror from his street-level vantage point beneath the Twin Towers on the morning of September 11th. A nearby cluster of big clumsy character balloons suspended from a storefront awning are woven into the plot. Each night as he sleeps, the storyteller stands alone on the ledge of the burning tower and transcends the intention of one final, elegant gesture. M/S: Runtime 9:00


I Sometimes Maybe, Evripidis Karydis, Director: "I Sometimes Maybe" is a self-exploration piece through poetry. SW/P: Runtime 2:05


Words, Charles Woodman, Belinda Reynolds, Directors: 
A collaboration between Image, music, and poetry,
WORDS is a multimedia piano work with spoken words and visuals. The vocal part consists of an aural collage of Miss Luo, reciting in Mandarin and English, a poem written herself, about the story of her grandfather, a composer during the late 20th century in China. The interplay between the audio collage, the video, and the piano part, creates a multimedia composition that immerses the audience in a blanket of enticing, reflective sound-visual experiences. SW/P: Runtime 7:00

Beat Heart, Margo Stutts Toombs, Director: Beat Heart is a video inspired by the insertion of a pacemaker/defibrillator. SW/P; Runtime: 1:19 


Nice Cup of Tea (A Journey of Memories Through Central London) (2022), Lee Campbell, Director: A short poetry film about the excitement of meeting someone for the first time and going on your first date, spent reminiscing whilst drinking cups of tea. SW/P: Runtime 4:49


Haiku/Haiga with Music, Sumita Gokhale, Director: In this video, I am introducing a new concept to the Haiku world - that of Indian classical Raag-based music set to 5-7-5 syllabic form to go together with these traditional Haiku I wrote. The notes are also selected based on the emotion/mood reflected in each haiku. These 12 Haiku transition through the seasons starting with Spring and take us through various shades of life. SW/P: Runtime 4:01


Fortuna. Not a Serious Poem. The end of the 1990s, Larisa Britton, Director: A One Woman Show. Not a Serious Poem. The end of the 1990s was the time of the split of the Soviet Union. A lot of Russian people became economically deprived. There were shortages of food in the shops. But life was going on. And the dating agency Fortuna was opened. LVM: Runtime 27:21


Erythea Speaks, Elizabeth Torres, Director:

Experimental poetry film. Erythea is all red seas and red fabrics and red sands. When Erythea speaks it is your flesh speaking, commands vibrating and resounding in the room as if in a dream. SW/P: Runtime 7:00


4 Years Ago, Youssef Afif Mutawe, Director: The past thoughts of a woman spoken for the first time. SW/P: Runtime 2:33


The Silence, Steve Cooke, Director: Soliloquy Monologue
Evie is a Funeral Director and throughout her life, she has always searched for reason and meaning in all aspects of life...and death. Evie reflects on her career and the things she has learned. M/S: Runtime: 3:59

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Zoom Break Out Session
An Online Open Mic
Poetry/Monologues/Spoken Word
(5 minutes or less)

3:15 - 5:00 PM (PST) 
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SCREENING 3 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PST)




A panfemale future, One day in the future. A delegate joins the emergency convention of the global government to prevent a pending crisis. M/S: Runtime: 9:38


Passage, Muriel Paraboni, Director: A fisherman throws himself into unknown waters, where fish have long gone, wrapped in silent mystery. In this journey without return, the landscape sometimes assumes the role of the other and the other soon reveals the reverse or a mirror of himself in the ineluctable solitude of the horizon. LVM: Runtime 14:27


You Are Who You Say You Are, Jeanine Rogers, Director: Jeanine creates a poem to overcome all the discouraging words said to her to encourage other women to be their best selves. SW/P: Runtime 1:25


Under every skin, Megan Stancanelli, Director: Under every skin can be considered a psychological/artistic short film. SW/P: Runtime 3:14


Terry Leans In, Gary John Boulter, Director: After 50 years of doing God knows what with his life, Terry has finally found his true calling. M/S: Runtime 2:30


The Things I Say To My Animal, Kim Hlavac, Director: Based on a group poem, this is a no-budget short film about the things we say to our pets. SW/P: Runtime 4:20

Jangan Lupa, Jeremy Flohr, Director: JANGAN LUPA ('do not forget') refers to an integration booklet for people that came to the Netherlands after the Indonesian independence. In a patronizing manner, this booklet explains how to become a 'proper' Dutch citizen: how to clean your house, how to peel potatoes, and how to dress for the cold Dutch winter. Overriding people's own cultures, experiences, and identities, it did not provide tools on how to deal with displacement, war trauma, or how to make your new surroundings a home.

This video gives voice, sound, and movement to the search for belonging, wherever you are. M/S: Runtime 3:36


Seduction of Distance, Mike Messier, Director: Kathryn "Seduction of Distance" is a promo/proof of concept monologue from Mike Messier's "A Distance from Avalon - when the dying and the dead reunite" novel, feature film screenplay, and full-length feature-length stage play script. M/S:  Runtime 4:40


We are the Lost Girls, Steve Downey, Director: features the poem "We are the Lost Girls", written and performed by Christina Jane ["C. J "]. Both Steve and Christina are on the Autism Spectrum but were not diagnosed until they were adults. This late diagnosis helped to explain the challenges they had both experienced when children, growing up, and later as adults. SW/P:  Runtime 5:38


A Second of the World, Anja Struck, Director. What happens in a single second around the world? "A second of the world" is a flashlight on the deeply human, which happens at the same time but in different places of this world. Based on a short story by the German writer Siegfried Lenz. SW/P: Runtime 6:11


Les Mots Croisés, Nicolas Engel, A hotel at night.
Coded messages. Tea. LVM: Runtime 28:16


Johnny The Dime, Joseph Blake Menzel, Director: A brash and arrogant man catches a peeping-tom spying on his sister. He vows to take revenge and discovers something very special about himself along the way.

M/S: Runtime 17:17

The White Scarf, Angela Mrad, Director:  A life story with its chapters, told by a white scarf and a girl. SW/P: Runtime: 5:56



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