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2020 Winners &
Offical Selections


"Mourning Food - Final" - 1st Place Best Poetry PRO Short Version Directors, Zachary Shea & Alys Brooks

Mourning Food – Final Directors Zachary Shea, Alys Brooks, Key Cast Muirrieyah de la O & Charles Payne, Professional. Mourning is a collection of short scenes revolving around two individuals, who are shown to be interlinked with food and heartbreak. 2:54

Mourning Food.JPG

fine china. – Director David A Gaines, Ruby Johnston, Key Cast David A. Gaines, Professional. A man reflects on his grandmother's fine china cabinet and sees patriarchal influences. 3:25

fine china director David A Gaines.jpg

"fine china" - 1st Place Best Monologue PRO Short Version

Directors, David A. Gaines, Ruby Johnston

"The White Witch of Devil's End" - 1st Place Best Monologue/Poetry PRO Long Version - Directors, Keith Barnfather, Anastasia C. Barnfather

The White Witch.jpg

The White Witch of Devil’s End – Directors Keith Barnfather, Anatasia Charalambous Barnfather, Professional.  The White Witch of Devil's End stars Damaris Hayman as Olive Hawthorne - a character she created for the BBCtv series Doctor Who. In this story, Olive tells of her life from childhood to her final days as the magical guardian of the village of Devil's End as a monologue. Fighting every face of evil imaginable, Olive must defend the village ... but what happens as she reaches the end of her life? Who will protect the townsfolk then? 22:18

TheWhiteWitch_Director Keith Barnfather.

2nd Place Best Poetry PRO Short Version

"Somewhere Beyond Fear" -  Director, S H Bean

Somewhere beyond Fear.jpg

“Somewhere beyond Fear and Anxiety – there will be monsters” – Director S H Bean, Key Cast, Jean van Sinderenlaw, Professional.

In 2020 Hitchcock's psycho will be 60 years old. "Somewhere beyond Fear and Anxiety - there will be monsters'' is a prequel to Psycho. Norman Bates's mother is still alive. In this short film, we find ourselves in her boudoir - with young Norman Bates present - and during the recital of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, she offers a cry for matricide.. as she is the Jabberwock.

Every artist includes a little or sometimes a lot of themselves in their own works of art. That said, Mother's artistic intent is dark and mysterious and her thoughts are only slowly exposed. But can they ever be understood? 3:49

Somewhere Beyond Fear Director S H Bean.

2nd Place Best Monologue PRO Short Version

"Keep your Flowers" - Director, Sekou Browne

Keep your Flowers.JPG

Keep your Flowers – Director Sekeo Browne, Key Cast Ivory Adams, Professional.  Fleeing her abusive husband, a woman musters up strength and decides to face her abuser head-on.

This film was birthed out of a desire to bring the incredible poetry of my friend Ivory Adams to life, but also it was to help add some meaningful dialogue to the current conversation many our having. It's impossible for us to move forward without realizing the wounds that victims have experienced. We hope that those viewing the film walk away enlightened, challenged, and ready to have sincere conversations with those impacted. 3:47

Keep your Flowers Director Sekeo Browne.

2nd Place Best Monologue/Poetry PRO Long Version

"Poetry Live(s)" -  Director, Mark Freeman

Poetry Live(s) – Director Mark Freeman, Professional. POETRY LIVE(S) introduces us to the lively diversity of practicing poets --- young, old, men, women, novices and veterans, black and white. Who are these people declaring themselves poets? Why do they rant and chant? What drives them to share their words and worlds with us? Performances on stage and off combined with interviews and an original score by Conni St. Pierre give an intimate look at the life and work of spoken-word poets. 23:00


3rd Place Best Poetry PRO Short Version

"A Moment In Time" -  Director, Perry Jonsson

A Moment In Time – Directed by Perry Jonsson, Professional.  Filmed on Super 8 over the course of one week in Israel, Swedish director Perry Jonsson conjures dreamy visuals of a country stuck midway between tradition and the boheme. Accompanied by a bespoke poem from Kevin Mclean, this film questions the relationship between memories, time, and happiness. 2:27

A Moment in Time.jpg

Thank You, Coronavirus –  Director Riya Sokol, Key Cast Riya Sokol, Professional. Short video showing a different perspective on the existing pandemic. 2:31

Thank you, coronavirus.jpg

3rd Place Best Monologue PRO Short Version

"Thank you, coronavirus" -  Director, Riya Sokol

3rd Place Best Monologue/Poetry PRO Long Version

"All Over Again" -  Director, Joseph McGovern

All Over Again.jpg

All Over Again –  Director Joseph McGovern, Professional. Gregory, an aging guitarist, re-discovers his passion and finds the courage to play again. 17:19

All Over Again_Director Joseph McGovern.

Urbis Imago – Producer Massimo Vito Avantaggiato,, Voice Over by Roberto Pompili, Professional. 

Urbis Imago is an experimental video that combines images and a poetic text by Massimo V: Avantaggiato piece that combines concrete sounds captured in the city of Milan and sequences of piano with a vaguely expressionist taste.
The registered sounds are the following:
talking people traveling; mechanical tram noises; thoughts of obliteratrics; manholes crumped by travel car; car clason and tram; informative messages of the central station; cry of crickets near the outskirts. through a few brief images, we show the strong changes of a city that is always more urbanized.
Do not miss cross-reference between poetic text and sound text.
The pendular of the sun is renovated again on the auditory plan by piano clusters; the metal sounds of the text are recovered by some metallic sounds. 5:00

Urbis Imago.jpg


The Stronger_New.jpg

The Stronger / La más fuerte – Director Adriana Páramo Pérez, Key Cast Montserrat, Professional. The Stronger is an adaptation of the homonymous play by A. Strindberg. Character A sees her friend, character B in a cafe and sits with her. She starts what it looks like a casual conversation -while B keeps quiet- but it will turn into a confrontation about a secret affair B has had with her husband. A feels empowered as she has faced up to her friend... but who is really the stronger in this betrayal? 3:49

The Stronger Director Adriana Paramo Per



Under A Pandemic Sky – Directed & Performed by Thomas Pickarski, Professional. A 6-minute video comprised of a personal essay narration paired with dissociated visuals. The essay is set in New York City and utilizes the solitude of the 2020 pandemic as the backdrop for the storyteller to contemplate a series of character studies.. 6:02

Under A Pandemic Sky - Director Thomas P
Pimple Pete.jpg

Pimple Pete –  Directed & Performed by Michelle Ellis, Professional. A young lady in her 20s, who had the luck of waking up with a pimple. 2:03

Tara by Debra Baker – Director Debra Baker, Key Cast Brigid Lohrey, Professional. Tara might not be able to go to B&Q any more! 4:59

Tara Director Debra Baker.jpg

Autumn – Director, Sofia GUTMAN, Key Cast Paul Duquenne, Benjamin Allenback, Professional. Its Autumn, birds are migrating to warmer climate. On the gray streets of Paris, illegal immigrants are selling shoes. Winter is near. 1:53

Autumn Director Sofia GUTMAN.jpg
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